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Trees can provide important and valuable benefits, but can also carry certain liabilities. The many complex issues involved in evaluating these benefits and liabilities can cause confusion and even create disputes among neighboring land owners. In many of my assignments, I have been able to assist clients by clearing the air and illuminating the facts. I have helped thousands of people make wise tree decisions based on the best authoritative information available and by employing independent and objective reasoning.

​​Tree/Landscape/Plant Appraisals

​​Tree values may need to be appraised for  a variety of reasons. Trespass, traffic accidents, eminent domain, and insurance claims are just a few situations where an appraisal may be needed. Tree appraisals require specialized knowledge and experience because trees can be valued depending on their marketability, the cost to reproduce their function and use, or their contribution to the income of a going concern.


When a tree fails and causes damage or injures someone, an investigation may be needed to determine why the tree failed and who is at fault. As an experienced lead investigator, I provide unsurpassed thoroughness and detail. All written reports conform to industry, and ASCA standards. When required, investigations and reports conform to the Federal Daubert standard.

Tree Risk Assessment

​How do you know when a tree becomes too dangerous to remain safe? That is what risk assessment is all about. Competent tree risk assessment requires more than just a casual look- it requires a thorough understanding of the dynamic environmental factors affecting tree structures, the ability to recognize key tree characteristics/defects that align with common tree failure patterns, and a thorough understanding of how potential casualty losses may relate to the size and severity of a potential tree failure. I have been helping people make rational risk decisions regarding trees for many years, and you can rest easy knowing that an informed decision can be made with my assessment.

As a consulting expert, I have advised both the courts and attorneys. As an expert witness, I have testified in dozens of cases. If you need tree expertise, then look no further- I have the experience and credentials to assist in the most challenging cases involving tree related matter.​​

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